The Department of State has released the Visa Bulletin for the month of August 2022. Priority-date cutoffs will advance modestly or remain the same in key employment-based categories next month, according to the Final Action Dates published in State Department’s August Visa Bulletin. China EB-3 will advance one month to April 22, 2018 and India EB-3 will advance one month to February 15th, 2012. All other countries under EB-3 will remain current. USCIS confirmed that it would use the Final Action Dates chart to determine employment-based filing eligibility in August. The Dates for Filing chart will not apply.

Important Dates:

EB-3 Other Nationalities (CURRENT)
EB-3 for Philippines (CURRENT)
EB-3 for India (15 FEB 2012)
EB-3 for China (22 APR 2018)

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