The importance of knowing resources

“I see a higher level of quality care for our patients, the ones that are the sickest. You know the ones that are going into the ho spital several times. There’s a better quality of care because before when it was a medical assistant with the provider providing this care I didn’t feel like they always had the time or they weren’t aware of all the resources that are available in the community to give the care that was necessary for the patient.” -Practice Manager-

Connecting patients with the necessary resources to successfully manage their chronic conditions and improve their health and quality of life is an important task of the care manager. This often includes working with the patient’s family or caregiver or calling a resource on behalf of a patient so that his or her needs are met and to ensure adequate follow up. For example, a patient, for various reasons, may not follow up with his or her provider after being in the hospital. Or a newly diagnosed patient with diabetes may feel overwhelmed, and the care manager steps in and works closely with a durable medical equipment agency to get this patient his or her needed supplies (glucose meter, lancets, test strips, etc.). In some cases, the care manager will go above and beyond and complete the paperwork needed to ensure the patient gets his or her mail-order supplies.