How to identify the right care manager?

By this point, you should have a sense of the kind of duties the care manager will perform and the background needed to do them, but how do you assure you’re getting the right kind of person? Some of the traditional techniques used in hiring can be useful including providing role clarity and asking good interview questions, but these additional suggestions are investments that will likely pay

  • Ask for and scour references. Look for people who have no hesitation in singing the praises of this person. The care manager needs to be likable.
  • Involve many people in the hiring decision. Get a 360° evaluation of the potential care manager from many diverse angles.
  • Use their résumé as a means of identifying interview questions. Having the candidates describe their role in whatever is being portrayed on the résumé provides significant insight.
  • Use behavioral-based interviewing. This technique uses actual past behavior to predict future behavior. Questions such as how the candidates have handled conflict with providers or peers in the past and how they have worked in a team, including their role, are especially telling.
  • Look for people who have gone beyond their usual job responsibilities and sought out other opportunities, such as serving on a unit council, assisting in developing new programs, or serving on committees.
  • Have the candidate “shadow” another role in the practice for a half-day and then ask for a follow-up assessment from the person shadowed.
  • Look for evidence of good follow-through – fast, rapid thank yous, requests for information, etc.
  • Look for flexibility and resourcefulness. Due to the lack of definition and unknowns of the position, these are key traits of the care manager.
  • Most important is evaluating why the candidate wants this particular position. If it isn’t clear, s/he probably isn’t the right candidate.

By Complete Care Management, Inc.