The importance of process in successful care management

Even in effective teams, sometimes stumbles can happen. New circumstances arise and it is difficult to navigate forward. This continually happens in health care. Therefore, it is helpful to consider the processes your primary care team is using to assess, diagnose, and solve implementation issues in practice.
In our work with care management, we have focused on looking at what makes care management successful. This includes how to get it started, decisions to make, and then being able to deal with issues as they come up. Something we have used to help guide us is a framework called Macrocognition.3-5 This is just a fancy way of saying “how groups think about and work together to address real world problems.” We present the framework below and encourage you to think through how you are doing each of these processes as you get your care management program going. If you are doing all of these things, then it is likely you will be successful with care management in your practice.

A key area where many practices get tripped up in implementation is in managing the unknown. How will it work out if we try X? Will we be sorry that we tried it? This can stifle creativity and exploration of ways of doing new things and get teams stuck with no progress. This is the realm of quality improvement, which we will touch on briefly.

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