Elements of teamwork and being a team member

There is much written about the elements of successful teams and certainly much about what it takes to create successful teams. We will not be able to completely cover this territory! However, we share our experience of successful teams as it relates to care management implementation as well as resources for learning more about team development in the resources section.

So what are the common elements?

Effective teams have a shared vision, and each person on the team can connect with that vision. With regard to care management, it is important that all members of the team have a similar mental model. A mental model is how you envision what something is and how it works. All members of the team should be on the “same page” about their thinking about care management.

Effective teams support one another, communicate freely and openly, and develop trust in one another. Communication and follow-through are extremely important. In care management, it is important to know that tasks assigned by care team members get done and what happens gets reported back, that information communicated to patients is accurate, and that feedback is received respectfully. These actions build trust.

By Complete Care Management, Inc.